MDQuest provides high quality preclinical research services covering the full project cycle, ranging from project planning to result interpretation, data presentation and data application. Upon request, we provide training and expert consultation on experimental design, and data analysis.

At MDQuest, clients are served by a fully equipped and state-of-the-art research facility, capable for detecting particles as small as 50 nanometers, and up to 16 parameters measured simultaneously on 96- or 120 well plates. We work in an ISO:9001 compatible quality management environment with ISO:13485 certification.


  • Immunophenotyping and characterization: Cell type and multiple biomarker expression identification, using antibodies.
  • Cell activation: Logical gating for the activated cells either from preclinical animal samples, or from cultured cells. Activation levels can be determined to quantitate the effects of agonists and antagonists, by generating IC50 and EC50 values from dose curves.
  • Cell proliferation: Determination of cellular proliferation levels in cultures, and identification of dividing cells with fluorescent dyes.
  • Cytotoxicity: Quantification of the cytotoxic potential of a population of cells.
  • Cell cycle/ death analysis: Arrest points and apoptosis identification with the use of DNA binding dyes.
  • Intracellular cytokine detection: Measurement of stained cytokines/chemokines and growth factors production.
  • Kinetic measurements: Kinetics of enzyme activities, and cell-stain interactions are studied.
  • Telomere length: Telomere length analysis, as aging and disease indicator.

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